Welcome to the ApexDC++ tour! This area allows you to read some of the features available in our three seperate projects. Features not enough? Don't worry! You can take a closer look at the programs available in development by viewing the screenshots. We hope you enjoy the tour and decide to download one of our clients.

Standard Edition

Emoticon panel

ApexDC++ allows you to send graphical emoticons to users. You can install multiple emoticon packs at once from our customisation page!

Configurable descriptions

Users often use the description field to identify themselves and provide extra information. You're able to add text, display the number of slots you have available and speed tags. The field is highly customisable!

Powerful toolbar controls

The Windows Vista styled icons are beautiful images created to ensure the user identifies what each image does quickly. You're able to increase or decrease the toolbar size in the toolbar area if you have the equivalent toolbar icon size.

Control your Winamp!

Control your Winamp while using ApexDC++. If you use foobar2000, you may use this toolbar too! Simply download the winamp spam plugin for foobar 0.9.x.

Share skiplist

Ever wanted to state which files you don't want to share within the folders specified? Well with ApexDC++ you can! Simply define the extensions you dont want shared (wildcards supported).

Peerguardian support

We wanted to bring you a more secure program, and with this plugin we did. ApexDC++ is able to download the Peerguardian blocklist and load it straight into the client, blocking any bad IP ranges it meets. Feel safer and download the plugin (install to ApexDC++/ directory)!

Protect ApexDC++

Tired of people opening ApexDC++ while you're away from keyboard? Simply enable the password protection feature.

Various hub control features

Closing disconnected hubs individually is a pain, and so we enhanced the window menu to allow the user to do all sorts of things.

System tray controls

With our improved system tray meny, you're able to limit transfers directly from the tray menu (without the need to load up the client!)

About menu

The about menu is useful for finding extra resources. You're able to visit our guides area for help or even visit our recommended P2P sites to use in conjunction with ApexDC++.

Not enough? There's more!

  • Check to see if your current connection settings are working
  • Auto update IP on program startup (Can retreive external IP)
  • Hide your share in certain hubs (Basic OP function)
  • Seed files to a hub with intelligent chunk spreading (super seeding, compatible with only other ApexDC++ users)
  • Show part of a PM message in balloon popups when you receive a new PM
  • Set how long the popup ballons to be displayed for
  • Option to enable dynamic userlist search (filters as you type)
  • Set what file extensions automatically download with high or low priority
  • Segment downloading
  • Transfer limiter with advanced calculation to prevent misuse
  • Monitor your transfers, search and shut down your computer from another location with the webserver
  • Preview your movie before it's finished downloading
  • Anti-leech features including partial uploading
  • Share files on your network
  • Automatically disconnect slow downloading users
  • Links to guides built in for less experienced users [expected in future version]
  • State what away messages are displayed at specified times
  • Choose to bring back the XP toolbar/menu style
  • Hide hub topics
  • Ability to use Stealthy's progress bars
  • Detect conflicting software (Netlimiter, ZoneAlarm, etc)
  • Avoid ISP throttling on incoming and outgoing connections
  • Announcements to hub:
    • Ratio: type /ratio or /r
    • Uptime: type /uptime or /ut
    • Public statistics: type /pubstats
    • Show statistics only to yourself: type /stats
    • Clear chat: type /clear or /c
    • Advertise ApexDC++: /apexdc++
    • Use /help for a list of all commands
  • Permanently ignore users:
    • User's main chat messages
    • User's private messages
  • Sort your favourite hubs
  • Keyboard shortcuts to menu commands
  • Chat emoticons
  • Improved new version check and notifcation
  • Fake detector
  • Magnet links support
  • Sounds and balloon tips to notify for finished downloads, private messages, etc