Here at ApexDC++ we like to advertise communities that have helped us in terms of promotions, code help, and inspiring DC++ modifications. Also on this page are logos, banner and wallpapers you may wish to use when advertising ApexDC++. Thanks to everyone who participates in this.

Promotional images


logo 192px logo 128px logo 64px logo 32px logo 24px


small banner

large banner

Thanks to HATRED for the images below.

large banner

large banner

large banner

large banner


HATRED's submission (screenshot).


These websites link to us and in turn we link back to them. Thanks to the following promotions on their websites our project is becoming increasingly popular each day.

PeerWeb is a P2P indexing site for the Gnutella2 and Ares network. Magnets links provided on this site will be useful for ApexDC++ users.

Direct Connect

OpenHublist Hublist for the NMDC and ADC(S) networks ApexDC++ uses.

StrongDC++ (developed by Big Muscle) is a popular DC++ modification. We often merge for fixes and improvements. If ApexDC++ isn't for you, try StrongDC++.

DC++ is at the heart of the Direct Connect community.