ApexDC++ would not be what it is today without our dedicated staff and contributors. On this page you will see a coloured co-ordinated list of administrators, developers and testers that have helped develop the project. Each role will be explained per person. Displaying members on this page is designed to give them appraisal and show our graditude towards them.


Project Manager

Keeps staff organised to ensure they understand what they need to achieve per release. Provides insight to future versions and handles public relations including announcing new content or releases.

Lead Coder

Produces the majority of the code towards ApexDC++'s regular edition and helps with other versions, where ever he can. Crise manages technical aspects of programming maintenance including the SVN respository and provides staff with a rough todo list for each version.

Website Maintenance

Our expert PHP programmer who codes more advanced website pages. He brought us the initial ApexDC++ website template that is used to this day.