We are hiring

We are looking for skilled developers and designers to take our project to the next level. The list below outlines the job title, description and one time payment after the job is complete. If you are up to the task or would like further information, please let us know on the forums.

Want to know where our funds are coming from? Take a look at our OpenCandy integration.

C++ Programmers (Negotiable pay)

We need an enthusiastic software programmer to help us implement our ideas. Experience in cross-platform development would be ideal, but not essential. Payment will be based on agreed goals by both parties.

Website (Filled)

This position has been filled.

Graphics (Some left)

We are looking for graphics designers to help us create some new icons. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the icons or pay.

Logo and Program icon design (filled)

Splash screen (filled)

Program icons

We are looking to replace our current program toolbar and settings images for our new version. The toolbar requires two sets (one for normal view and one for highlighted). This is our current toolbar set:

Dimensions: 22x22

Settings icons:

Dimensions: 16x16 (28 icons)

User list icons: Click to view
Dimensions: 16x16 (104 icons)

Please email us for more details.